How do I select stock(s) for my Custom Portfolio?

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First, you’ll choose which stock(s) you want to add to your Custom Portfolio. These stocks will be added to your Portfolio Builder.

Then, you’ll set percentage targets for each stock you’ve added to your Custom Portfolio (1% minimum per stock). Each stock you add requires a Target Allocation to be set, which, cumulatively, must equal 100%. 

For example, let’s say you’ve decided to allocate 5% of your overall Acorns Invest account towards ABCDE — that’s your Target Allocation for ABCDE. The next time you make an investment (through one-time investments, Round-Ups®, and Recurring Investments), we’ll place the necessary purchase orders to get you closer to the 5% you set for the ABCDE target allocation. 

Your Base Portfolio will stay managed by Acorns on your behalf. Your Custom Portfolio is yours to customize and manage. Together your Base and Custom Portfolios make up your Acorns Invest Account, which will total 100%. 

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