How does Custom Portfolio work?

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After setting up Custom Portfolio, your Acorns Invest account will be divided into two parts: Base Portfolio and Custom Portfolio. 

The Base Portfolio is handled by Acorns and includes exchange-traded funds, or ETFs for short. The Custom Portfolio is managed by you, so you get to decide which stocks to invest in, when to buy and sell them, and how much money to put into each investment.

If you’re interested in setting up a Custom Portfolio, we'll walk you through the following: 

  1. What percentage of your total investments do you want in your Custom Portfolio? (Up to 50% depending on your most recent investor profile) 

  2. Which stocks do you want to buy? 

  3. What percentage of your Custom Portfolio do you want to put into each stock(s)?

Once you create your Custom Portfolio and pick your stocks, any future investments you make in your Acorns Invest account (like One-Time Investments, Round-Ups®, and Recurring Investments) will go to your portfolios based on the percentage you set for each. Investments you've made in the past or are still being processed won't change.

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