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Our referral program, Share the Wealth, helps you help your friends by giving them a chance to start saving and investing, with a little boost from us. 

Sometimes, we offer chances to earn big bonus investments through our limited-time promo referral bonuses. These can be anywhere from a couple hundred dollars to $1,000+! They're limited-time offers, so check out how our Share the Wealth program works here — including how to get started with referrals.

And feel free to share our referral guide with your friends — this has everything they need to know about what Acorns is and how your referral link works.

How do I get a limited-time promo referral bonus? 

What are the requirements? 

Where's my referral bonus? 

How do I get a limited-time promo referral bonus?

Our limited-time promo referral bonuses are one-time offers. You can find the current offer in your Acorns app:

  1. Log in to your Acorns app
  2. From the home screen, tap the “Profile” icon in the top left corner
  3. Tap “Invite friends” to see any current offers
  4. From the offer page, tap "Invite Friends" again to get your unique referral link 
  5. Share your unique referral link with friends within the promotional period. You can find the promotional period dates here.Friends use your unique referral link to sign up for Acorns within that promotional period. They must be first-time customers to qualify.
  6. Then, your friends need to make their successful first investment of $5 or more. They have 14 days from the end of the promotional period to make that investment — this is their qualification period. 
  7. Acorns will review the accounts of program participants for qualification and continued good standing 
  8. If you and your referrals qualify, bonuses are usually paid within 30 days from the end of the qualification period. You can also check out our referral promotion terms page to see more details on each offer.

As an added bonus, both you and your friend will receive a $5 bonus investment when each friend signs up and they make their first investment of $5 or more, while you're working towards the limited-time bonus. 

You can learn more about our "Invite Friends, Get $5" promotion here.

What are the requirements?

Our limited-time promo referral bonuses usually require you to invite a set number of friends in a set number of days within the promotional period to qualify. Each referral bonus can have different requirements, so make sure you know the rules of the offer you're interested in.

In order for your referrals to meet the requirements, make sure your friends: 

  • Use your unique referral link to sign up as a new Acorns customer 
  • Have their account approved
  • Complete a successful investment from their linked primary checking account (investments take up to 5 business days to settle
  • Your account and your referrals' accounts must all be in "good standing" when the reward is sent out. What that means is you and your referrals will all need to make sure your accounts stay open (not closed or locked) for another 30 days from the last day of the 14-day qualification period.

For more information on our terms and conditions, please check out our referral program agreement. You must fully review and agree to this agreement before participating in the program. 

Where's my Referral Bonus? 

Referral bonuses are paid to your Invest account within 30 days once we verify that all the eligibility requirements have been met. Check your Invest account's recent activity to see if you've received your referral bonus!

If you think you qualified and it's been 30 days, but you haven't received your Referral Bonus yet, you can submit a ticket for a Missing Referral Credit. Please log in to your account and submit your request with this form. We'll follow up!

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