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Acorns is able to link with certain third-party financial applications through their platforms. This is accomplished by sharing your login information with these third-party apps. Please only share your login information with trusted sites.

If Acorns integration is possible, we will be on the list of apps that you are trying to connect your Acorns account to. This suggests that Acorns is supported for those platforms and you should be able to connect your Acorns account to it. Please note, not all products and services can be linked or will appear in third-party connections. 

If Acorns is not on those lists, then Acorns is not supported and you cannot connect with that third-party platform. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. 

Acorns Checking

If you're looking to link your Acorns Checking for a third-party integration the account and routing number can be used. Please review the following FAQ to see how to find this information. 

Data Relay Timeframe

Keep in mind that although your Acorns account may link to third-party financial application platforms, the data may not relay in real-time. The data relay sync will typically occur every 1-3 business days, so if you do not see accurate data, then the data has yet to be relayed across platforms.

Two-Factor Authentication 

If you're experiencing issues with accessing your Acorns account via third-party app integration due to Two-Factor Authentication, you would need to contact the third-party app developers via their designated support team to fix this. There may be an issue with their configuration on how they are accessing our API. API integration is simply a way for apps to communicate with each other. 

To clarify, our Two-Factor Authentication will activate at every login when using your email and password combination. However, you will also be challenged through the following scenarios:

  • Suspicious logins 
  • Updating your phone number or email address in-app
  • New device logins
  • 3rd party integrations 

Due to suspicious logins, we require you to verify Two-Factor Authentication and reset your login password when challenged since the security of your account is of the utmost importance. This process cannot be skipped and is a requirement to regain access to your account. 

Please note, we are always working on improving our services and integrations! 

Existing Third-Party Integration FAQs

Does Acorns integrate with

How can I link my Acorns Checking account to Venmo/Zelle?

Acorns is always looking to make strategic partnerships with third parties that may align with our mission. So be on the lookout for strategic partnerships in the future!

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