I clicked on Broker-Dealer Affiliation/Subject to Backup Withholding during registration, why isn't my account being approved?

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When one of these options is clicked on during your account registration, Acorns will request additional documentation in order for the account to be approved. 


I clicked on this option by mistake...

It is important to note that these options cannot be changed within the app. If one of these options was accidentally selected during registration, please reach out to our Support Team and we will be able to assist from our end! 


Broker-Dealer Affiliation

If you are affiliated or work with a broker-dealer, please click here for more information on approving your account!


Backup Withholding

Backup withholding is tax that is levied on investment income, at an established tax rate, as the investor withdraws it. Backup withholding helps to ensure that the IRS will be able to receive income taxes owed to them from investors' earnings.


If you'd like to keep your account open, we will need to verify your SSN by submitting a completed W9 form (a copy of your SSN card may also be required) to our Document Uploader. Once this has been completed, please reach out to our Support Team!



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