I never signed up but I'm receiving emails/charges from Acorns. What should I do?

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Receiving emails from Acorns?

  • If you never created an account but receive emails from us, contact us for help. 
  • If you withdrew your funds but didn’t close your account, you may still be receiving emails from Acorns. In order to fully close your account, please follow the steps here
  • If you are looking to just unsubscribe from Acorns emails, please follow the steps here.

Charges to your bank account?

The main reason for this could be that someone you know (like your spouse, family member, or child) has linked your bank account as their Primary Checking account in Acorns. This could lead to charges appearing on your bank statement even if you haven't signed up for an Acorns account.

First, we recommend double-checking to see if a spouse or family member is using your bank account as their Primary Checking account in Acorns. If this is the case, you can simply have them change their Primary Checking account in order to stop those charges from reaching your bank account.

We recommend reaching out to your bank and filing a dispute if you have confirmed that a spouse or family member has not linked your bank account to their Acorns account. In addition to ensuring that these transactions are stopped, the bank will also be able to reimburse any fees that you have already been charged.

If you have any additional questions, please reach out to our Support Team and we will be able to assist further!

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