How do I unfreeze my primary checking account?

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If you incorrectly entered the deposits we sent you, we may temporarily freeze any further verification attempts. We do this for your security, to confirm that the bank account you're linking belongs to you.

How many attempts can I make to verify the deposits?

You'll have three chances to enter the verification amounts. 

If the bank linking progress status says "Verification failed," you've used too many attempts to verify the two deposits. You'll need to either resend or contact support. 

To resend the deposits, select “Resend verification deposits” to try again. These small deposits take 1-3 business days to show up in your linked primary checking account. 

Heads up: you can only resend the verification deposits a maximum of two more times. If there are too many failed attempts when verifying these deposits, you may see a message saying that your Acorns account is locked. If this happens, please contact us to help unlock and verify your account.

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