Can I roll over my Acorns Later account to an outside firm?

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The IRS allows for one rollover per year by withdrawing your funds and placing them into a new IRA. If you complete the rollover transfer within 60 days, the rollover method typically doesn't have tax penalties. We recommend reaching out to an independent tax specialist or reading more on the IRS website.

Acorns only processes Later transfer through liquidation and a wire/check. This means that the transfer will go to the new brokerage firm as cash, as we do not transfer securities. You can find this mentioned in our Program Agreement.

Here’s how to start the transfer process for your rollover. 

Once your asset transfer request has been received. Typically it’s reviewed within 5-7 business days after we've received the request. A member of our team will send you an email detailing the request. You must reply to this email confirming the asset transfer. We require you to reply to the email we sent you before we can continue with your asset transfer request.

After you've confirmed the asset transfer for your Later account, we can get started on transferring the funds to the receiving firm. 

This process involves liquidating your Later account and sending the funds through a wire to the receiving firm. If the funds are less than $100 or the receiving firm does not accept wires, we will send a check instead.

Lastly, your request may take time to complete if dividends are paid out. This may occur during the liquidation process and cause a delay.

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