How to View ETF Performance?

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To review a specific breakdown of your portfolio performance, visit your Account Value screen.

The Account Value screen shows you how your investments are doing in the market. Remember, your diversified, expert-built Acorns portfolio is made of exchange-traded funds or ETFs. ETFs are made of lots of holdings of stocks and/or bonds — pieces of companies — so you’re not risking it all on just one asset. 

Here's how to view your ETF performance:

  1. Once logged in, select the account that you would like to view (Invest, Later, or Early).
  2. Tap the graph to view your Account Value, your portfolio’s performance, and the details of your investments.
  3. Tap the arrows or swipe to show Market Gain/Loss and Total Gain/Loss. The Total Gain/Loss view includes your subscription fees.

To learn more about the ETFs in your portfolio, scroll below the Account Value graph to review the “Your investments” section. This can be sorted by dollar, share, and percentage. You can also see the fund details for each ETF included in your portfolio.

At the very bottom of the screen, you can view the Breakdown section which includes two pie charts representing your Stock ETFs and Bond ETFs. You can also view your Net Investments, Returns, and Total Account Value.

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