Can I set up a joint account?

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Joint Acorns accounts

At this time, we are not able to set up a joint Acorns account. Acorns is designed for personal investing, so each portfolio is recommended based on individual circumstances and goals. As a general rule, there can only be one social security number per Acorns account.

For this reason, we cannot create joint accounts, but you may have a joint personal checking account connected as your primary checking account or add a beneficiary to your account. 


Joint Primary Checking account

In order to fund your Acorns account, you will need to link an external bank account as the Primary Checking account. This external checking account, however, can be a joint account.

This means that that you can link your joint bank account to your individual Acorns account. 

Note: Even if you add a joint bank account as your primary checking account, the joint owner will not have any claim to any funds in the Acorns account. 


For more information on how to change your Primary Checking account, please click here!






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