What are the Acorns Checking Cash, Purchase and Transfer Limits?

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Acorns Checking has built-in limits on all transaction types. These transaction limits cannot be raised. 

Daily Limits

  • Max to push into Acorns Checking: $7,000
  • Max to pull out of Acorns Checking: $7,000
  • Max check deposit limit: $5,000 or 3 total transactions
  • Max transaction limit (card swipes): $4,000
  • Max ATM/bank teller withdrawal limit: $500
    • Please note that money orders count towards the withdrawal limit.
    • Please note that ATM withdrawal fees count towards the withdrawal limit. 
    • Cash-back at a large merchant like Walmart MAY count toward the ATM limit, but this is up to the merchant and how they run the transaction. It is not a 100% guarantee that it will. 
  • Max ACH withdrawal limit: $7,000

Monthly Limits

  • Max pull out of Acorns Checking: $50,000
  • Max check deposit limit: $20,000 or 25 total transactions

Please note, there are 3 different types of withdrawals that can take place (ACH, Purchases, ATM). Each withdrawal type has its own limit that doesn’t affect the other withdrawal limits. There is also no max deposit limit for a customer that wishes to deposit funds from a different banking institution with sufficient funds into your Acorns Checking account using your Acorns Checking account and routing number. 


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