Does Acorns Checking need to be my primary checking for Acorns?

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Acorns Checking does not need to be your primary checking account. You can maintain your current primary checking or easily switch to Acorns Checking as your primary checking account — it’s up to you!


If you decide to make Acorns Checking your primary checking for Acorns Invest and Acorns Later, you can seamlessly earn Real-Time Round-Ups®, set up automatic investments, and save for retirement – all within the same place. You can also transfer money from your Acorns Invest account to your Acorns Checking account, though we encourage you to stick with it and keep your money where it can grow!


To become an Acorns Checking customer, you do need to be a verified Acorns Invest customer with an existing primary checking account.

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