How long does it take for Round-Ups® to be taken out?

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Once you’ve linked a Round-Up® account, Acorns will round-up each transaction you make on that debit or credit card to the nearest dollar. We track that leftover spare change and, once your Round-Ups® add up to at least $5, we will invest the Round-Ups®into your Invest account.


As you use your linked Round-Ups® account, you will begin to see Round-Ups® populate from your most recent transactions. You can locate these Round-Ups® by clicking on Invest > Round-Ups®. Please note that these Round-Ups® can take 48-72 to reflect in your account after the transaction has been completed. Acorns will then automatically track these Round-Ups® until the minimum $5 threshold is met. Once the Round-Ups® reach $5 or more, Acorns will pull the funds from your linked Primary Checking account and invest them into your Invest account!

Note: Round-Ups® are invested every time your spare change adds up to at least $5. The frequency of this depends on how often you use your linked debit or credit card(s).

To see when your next round-up investment will be made, you can go to Invest > Round-Ups®. Here, you will see a progress bar under “Waiting to be invested”. This progress bar will give you an idea of how much more change will need to be added before the investment is made.

Please see “Round-Ups®” and “Round-Ups® Deposits” in the Program Agreement for more information.

Please note that if you do not maintain enough funds in your primary checking account to sufficiently cover your Round-Ups® investments, you could incur overdraft fees with your financial institution.

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