What are Round-Ups® & how do they work?

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With Acorns Round-Ups®, we'll help you invest the spare change from your everyday purchases. 

Say you buy groceries for $30.45. We'll automatically round it up to $31.00, and invest $0.55 in your future. 

Think of it as investing small amounts regularly, in the background of life. Acorns customers have invested an average of $627 in spare change.

How do Round-Ups® work?

How do the investment transfers work?

Optimizing you Round-Ups®

Important information about your linked accounts  

How do Round-Ups® work?

First, you'll need to link your spending accounts — the credit and debit cards you use to shop. We’ll round up your purchases on these cards to the nearest dollar as you go about your day. There's no limit to how many debit and/or credit cards you can link to the Round-Ups® feature.

We'll keep track of all that rounded-up spare change for you — you can check in on your Round-Ups® here anytime. Once your Round-Ups® reach at least $5, we'll transfer that amount into your Acorns Invest portfolio.

To learn more about how Round-Ups® work, check out Learn in your Acorns app.

How do the investment transfers work?

Once your Round-Ups® reach that $5 minimum, we'll transfer the money from the bank account you've chosen to link as your primary checking account. It may be more than $5 — it just needs to hit that threshold before we can transfer it.

Your primary checking account is always going to be your investing funding source. What that means is that all Acorns investments are transferred from this one checking account. Even though we're keeping track of the spare change from your purchases on your linked debit or credit cards for your Round-Ups®, the money is not transferred from those cards.

If you want to change your primary checking account, you can learn more here

Optimize your Round-Ups®

There are a few ways you can customize your Round-Ups® to make it even easier to invest in your future. 

  1. Round-Ups® Multiplier: If you want to boost your Round-Ups®, try the Round-Ups® Multiplier to multiply your Round-Ups® by 2x, 3x, or even 10x. You can learn more here.
  2. Whole Dollar Round-Ups®: When you make a transaction that's an even dollar amount, you can choose how much you want to invest in your Acorns Invest account — anywhere from $0 to $1. You can learn more here.
  3. Real-Time Round-Ups® from your Acorns debit card: If you have an Acorns Checking account, Round-Ups® get transferred with every swipe of your Acorns debit card, instead of waiting until they reach that $5 minimum — giving your money the chance to start growing right away. You can learn more about Real-Time Round-Ups® here.

Important information about your linked accounts

Round-Ups® can be a great way to invest your spare change in the background of life, but it's important to make sure you have enough money in your linked accounts to cover your investing. 

If you don't keep enough money in your primary checking account, you could end up with overdraft fees from your bank.

If this is something you're concerned about, you could consider turning off automatic Round-Ups® and reviewing them manually instead. Here's more information on the difference between automatic and manual Round-Ups®.

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