Why do I need to wait for my 1099 tax form?

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We send out your 1099 and other tax forms according to the schedule the IRS sets each year. Some of these forms are sent to you later than you might expect — but it's for a good reason.

To help your money grow, we invest some of it in funds that can take a little longer to report their annual results. To be sure that your 1099 form reflects the most up-to-date figures, and protect you from needing to refile, the IRS sets a later deadline for brokerage firms to send out these forms. We send your 1099 form when we receive final results.

If you’d planned to file your taxes earlier, it may be best to wait or consult your tax professional. You could be charged a fee if you have to file twice.

Here's the full schedule for the different types of tax forms you may receive from Acorns this tax season, following the deadlines set by the IRS.

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