Is there risk involved in my investment?

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Yes. The securities you own are always subject to market fluctuations. Market volatility can be unnerving, but it can also be an opportunity for investors. 

Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA), a time-tested investing strategy, can actually help you take advantage of market volatility. DCA is this easy: invest the same amount regularly (daily, weekly, monthly) over time. For example, invest $100 a month for a year, instead of $1,200 all at once. 



Using DCA means that rather than trying to guess the best time to invest, you invest your money in equal portions over time, at regular intervals, regardless of the ups and down in the market. . You can easily use this strategy by setting up a Recurring Investment to your Acorns portfolio.

The most important lesson we hope all investors remember is to stick with it — historically, the market has eventually recovered from prior downturns — consider giving losses time to recover and the potential to grow.

Your Acorns portfolio is built and managed with long-term investing in mind. Here are a few other key benefits, especially in moments like these:

*Modern Portfolio Theory*

* Acorns portfolios were built by experts, following the principles of Modern Portfolio Theory. A theory created by Dr. Harry Markowitz, a Nobel Laureate in Economics and known as the "Father of Modern Portfolio Theory". This theory is used to design portfolios intended to provide maximum returns for a given level of risk.


* Acorns ETF Portfolios can provide exposure to more than 7,000 stocks and bonds — so all your eggs are never in one basket. Think about it this way: If you invest all your money in one company, and that company goes bankrupt, you could lose everything. But if you spread your investments across 100 companies, and one goes under, you still have 99 that may help keep you afloat. Divvying up your portfolio across a wide range of investments can help reduce risk and volatility. That’s diversification at work.

*Automatic Rebalancing*

* Since we know the market fluctuates, we built technology to periodically rebalance your portfolio to adjust to those shifts and maintain your diversification. Say a portfolio is supposed to be evenly split between bonds and stocks and over time the market moves higher for stocks than bonds and your portfolio is now 55% stocks and 45% bonds – this is where your portfolio would be automatically rebalanced, selling some stocks to buy bonds. Essentially, shares are just sold in one area to buy shares in another to keep your portfolio at the intended mixture of investments! 

*Regular Investing*

* Our automated investing features, like Round-Ups® and Recurring Investments, can help you take advantage of the benefits of Dollar-Cost Averaging on autopilot. Our goal is to help you easily and continually invest in the market. 

We can't make the market more predictable, but we are providing the tools to help you take advantage of the stock market over time.

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