How do I contribute to my portfolio?

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It’s easy to contribute to your Acorns portfolio in the background of your life. All you have to do is connect your bank account and any other credit or debit accounts you use to shop.

With Round-Ups®, we automatically round up your purchases to the next dollar, and as soon as you’ve accumulated $5 in Round-Ups®, we invest your change.

Acorns Earn allows brands to invest in you when you shop with them.

When you enable a Recurring Investment, you can set it and forget it! Move as little as $5/month to your Acorns account and let it grow.

And at any time you can boost your portfolio with a lump sum investment in you.

Some investments in your Acorns portfolio pay dividends, which are a share of a company’s earnings given to investors. We automatically reinvest these dividends for you. They're usually paid out quarterly and can vary in amount, from a few cents to more, depending on your balance. Dividends can help offset your Acorns subscription fee.

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