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Opening an Acorns account is opening an investment account. So that means your gains/losses may subject to tax laws. Your trust means the world to us, and it’s why we want to take every measure to verify that you are you. 

To follow regulations set by FINRA and the SEC, we have to gather personal information from you. We take careful action to approve accounts to follow all regulations. We hope you understand. 

We also need your social security number to issue you a tax reporting form at the end of the year. As for security, here is some information on how we do everything we can to keep your data secure.

  • Member of SIPC. Securities in your account are protected up to $500,000. For details please see
  • FDIC Protected Acorns Checking Account: Your deposits in your Acorns Checking account are insured up to $250,000 - that’s because our banking partners, Lincoln Savings Bank and nbkc bank are both FDIC members
  • Security: Your peace of mind is our highest priority. We work to secure your information and prevent unauthorized or unusual activity
  • SSL Encryption: Our website and app are secured with 256-bit encryption.
  • Account Alerts: We let you know when we notice unusual account activity to help secure your account against fraud
  • Account Safeguards: Automatic logouts and ID verification to help prevent unauthorized access
  • Privacy: Acorns is committed to maintaining the confidentiality, integrity, and security of any personal information about our users

Your account security is our top priority at Acorns. If you see any transactions that you don’t recognize, be sure to first check if there is an automatic transfer set up on your account. For more information regarding your recent account activity, please click here

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