When will I see my Earn Rewards?

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You should see your pending rewards in the Earn section of your Acorns account within 3-7 business days. We'll send an email letting you know when your reward is pending!

If you don't see your reward after 7 business days, your purchase might not have met the promotional requirements of the offer. Here are some common reasons why the reward isn't pending in the Earn section of your Acorns account:

  1. You activated another cashback browser/extension (such as Honey or Rakuten) or used a discount or promotion code
  2. You didn't click the link in the Acorns app/web, email, or activate the Chrome extension/Safari Extension offer
  3. You navigated away from the window or Acorns app after clicking the offer link, so your purchase wasn't made in the same session 
  4. You made a purchase for a non-commissionable item. These are outlined in the Exclusions section of the Earn offer terms & conditions.
  5. If you are an existing or prior customer with the partner and the offer is for new customers or one-time purchases only, the reward won't be honored by the partner.
  6. You haven't allowed your app to track. If you use iOS, you can find more information here.
  7. If your transaction with the partner has violated any of the terms of the offer, then the partner won't honor the reward. You can review each partner’s requirements by selecting the specific offer from your Acorns app and reviewing the Exclusions section.

If you don’t see the Earn rewards listed as pending in the Earn section of your Acorns account within 3-7 business days of your transaction and you're sure you've met the terms and conditions of the offer, please fill out the Earn Missing Credit form to submit a request.

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