Is Later Match available for all subscription tiers?

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No, Later Match isn't available for all subscription tiers–at least right now. To be eligible for Later 1% Match, you must be in the $6 Personal Plus tier. To be eligible for the 3% Later Match, you must be in the $9 Premium or $12 Premium tier. If you’re already in one of these tiers when Later Match is launched, it’ll be as easy as tapping a button to opt-in. If you sign up for the $6 Personal Plus or $12 Premium tier after Later Match is launched, you'll start receiving your matches automatically.

Note that our pricing for the Personal Plus subscription is changing from $5 to $6 on July 1, 2024. If you opt out of the price increase prior to July 1st and stay at $5 per month, you won't be eligible for Later Match.

If you want your IRA contributions to be matched, you can change your subscription to one of the eligible tiers any time.


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