What are the benefits of the Personal Plus Tier Price Changing to $6?

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On occasion, we’ll increase our subscription prices to reinvest back into our company to offer you even more ways to grow your oak. For example, we’ll soon be introducing Later Match — a new feature in Personal Plus where we boost your retirement with a 1% IRA match on new contributions you make to Acorns Later. 

These price increases also help us continue to provide you with the tools we’ve added over the past few years, like an Emergency Fund, 25% match on Earn rewards, and more. Rather than charge you individually for these features, our subscription helps us provide you a curated suite of tools that we believe will best grow your money.  

If you signed up for the Mighty Oak Card and have a qualifying Direct Deposit you will still receive your subscription fee waiver. For more information on how to receive this waiver, see our FAQ.  

You can find more information about our new subscription plans on our website, www.acorns.com


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