What is the custom debit card for kids from Acorns designed with MrBeast?

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MrBeast and Acorns have one major thing in common — we’re both driven to help as many people as we can. And since not everyone can be in one of MrBeast’s massive giveaway videos, we figured that a debit card that helps you grow your money was the next best way to help you and your family build a better future. 

So, MrBeast helped us design 5 customizable GoHenry cards for kids ages 6-18. GoHenry is a smart debit card that helps teens and kids earn, save, spend, and learn about money.  

Plus, if you sign up as a new customer and meet the promotional terms, MrBeast and Acorns will add a $20 allowance to your GoHenry account. 

You can learn more about the GoHenry custom debit cards here.


How do I get a GoHenry card designed with MrBeast?

To get a GoHenry card designed with MrBeast, you can start by signing up for GoHenry. Here's how to sign up for GoHenry: 

  • You can sign up for GoHenry on its own, here
  • You can sign up for GoHenry through the Acorns app (included with an Acorns Premium subscription)

We'll walk you through the sign-up process. When it’s time to select your child’s card, you can choose 1 of the 5 GoHenry cards designed with MrBeast.

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