How to enable push notifications to verify devices with Support?

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To ensure the security of the account and authenticate we are communicating with the correct person, we will send push authentication messages to the verified device on file. However, if you do not have push notifications enabled on your device, you may not see this message. To fix this, we will show you how to enable push notifications and ensure your phone’s software is up to date.

To enable the Push Notifications, you will have to enable push notifications for the Acorns app on your phone’s settings, and then re-login to Acorns to ensure that a push authenticator has been registered. 

Android Notification Enabling

Android customers will have to navigate to Settings → Apps & Notifications → Notifications →  Acorns. To receive this notification, you must enable Verification notifications in their settings specifically. See the below screenshot for reference.

iOS Notification Enabling

iOS customers will have to navigate to Settings → Notifications → Acorns under Notification Style to toggle on Allow Notifications on the below screen. See the below screenshot for reference.

Once you have enabled notifications, we will also verify that you are using versions of the Acorns app supporting these verification notifications. See below for the minimum versions required.

  • Minimum Android Version Required: v4.66.0
  • Minimum iOS Version Required v4.73.0

Once the push notification has been enabled, and you can receive them without issue our Support team will be able to assist you further. 

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