When will my Mighty Oak Card arrive?

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Most cards arrive within 9-11 business days after ordering. If demand is unusually high, customers may experience a delay. Please log into your Acorns app and head to the banking section for more details on how your card is tracking.

Although you may experience a delay in receiving your debit card, we want to provide you with ways that your Mighty Oak account is working for you and how it can be leveraged:

  • You can begin making deposits today into your account and your money will continue to earn interest in your Acorns Checking account or Emergency Fund.
  • If you need to move money to pay bills or to fund other activities you can use your account and routing numbers to link your account for bill pay or to payment gateways such as Venmo, Paypal, etc.
  • You can also set up direct deposit and take advantage of our Paycheck split feature to automatically save and invest your money with every direct deposit. Additionally, for the first time ever, Mighty Oak account holders who set up a direct deposit of $250 or more per calendar month into their Acorns Checking account will receive a subscription fee waiver for as long as they have direct deposit set up.

Again, we apologize for any inconvenience with the delay of your Mighty Oak Visa debit card, but do thank you for your patience. We will notify you as soon as your new Mighty Oak Visa debit card is on its way.



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