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We offer estate planning in partnership with Trust & Will, an estate planning service. If you're in the Premium tier, you have access to a complimentary will for yourself or yourself and your spouse, OR a trust at a discounted rate.

This benefit is a one-time offering available only in the Premium tier. The options are:

  • Create a complimentary will
    • Yourself ($159 value)
    • Yourself + Spouse ($259 value)
  • Create a trust at a discounted rate ($259 off the cost of a trust)

Here's how to apply for the Trust & Will service in our Benefit Hub:

1. Tap the profile icon in the top left corner of the screen

2. Tap on ”Benefits”, then “Complimentary Will”

3. Review the FAQ and Disclaimers, then click “Let’s go”

4. You'll be taken to the Trust & Will website. Click "Get Started" to get your complimentary will

You can learn more about what's available in our Premium tier here. For more information on this benefit, please visit the FAQ Page for Trust & Will.

Trust & Will Terms and Conditions: https://trustandwill.com/security/terms

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