What is Acorns and the Acorns Premium GoHenry benefit?

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Acorns is a financial wellness app that helps everyday people save & invest for the long term. Acorns has become one of the largest subscription services in U.S. consumer finance. It provides millions of Americans with the tools they need to build wealth and manage their money better.  Acorns offers numerous financial products, including investing, checking, retirement, and more. 


GoHenry joined the Acorns family in April 2023. GoHenry by Acorns is an easy way to teach kids and teens money skills. GoHenry by Acorns comes with a debit card and interactive Money missions to help kids learn by doing. You even get features for parents too, like a recurring allowance, real-time spending notifications, and so much more.

Acorns Premium is a subscription tier offered by Acorns. Acorns now includes a subscription to GoHenry as a benefit for customers subscribed to Acorns Premium. This means that your GoHenry membership fee will be waived while you’re subscribed to the Acorns Premium tier - a saving of up to $120/year!

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