What is GoHenry and what do they do?

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  • GoHenry is a global leader in money management and financial education for kids, along with its European arm Pixpay, a teen banking and education product. GoHenry was founded in 2012 with a mission to make every kid smart with money.
  • GoHenry is a financial tool for children ages 6-18, and for their parents. Parents access their account through the GoHenry app and use it to manage their child’s allowance and more. This can either be done manually or as a set amount on a given day of the week. Parents can also set tasks for their child to complete to earn extra money, and get real-time spending notifications. Children are given a GoHenry Mastercard debit card which can be customized. It can be used to make purchases in shops and online and to withdraw cash from ATMs. They can only spend the money that’s on the card, so there’s no danger of debt or overdrawn accounts. They can use the app to see their balance and the spending limits you’ve set for them. GoHenry also launched ‘Money Missions’ where children can learn financial skills through videos, quizzes and games. As they unlock each mission, they’ll earn points and badges as they go to keep them motivated.

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