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As part of a pilot program, Acorns has begun rolling out Bank Fee Negotiations with some banks at the $9 Premium Tier (using 3-way calls). If you are eligible for the pilot, you may receive an email from an '' email address containing a clickable link that will allow you to schedule a date and time for a 3-way call between you, your bank, and an Acorns representative.

The email you receive will include:

  • A summary of the 3-way call process,
  • A Calendly link that will allow you to request a desired time

Once a time is selected, an Acorns representative will reach out to complete a 3-way call.

An example of the email can be found below:

"My name is Jason and I am a member of the Acorns Product team. Since you've linked your Wells Fargo account with Acorns, we've identified transactions that indicate you may have been charged over $200 in bank fees in the last three months. At Acorns, we're running a pilot program that can help you get those fees returned by conducting a 3-way call with your bank. In the past, we've done calls like this to generate refunds for our customers. As of now, this service is provided at no additional charge. Here's how it works:

  1. You'll schedule a call with an Acorns representative using this link.
    • (Note: If you haven't scheduled an appointment already using the link that was in the email sent to you, you can use the link above to schedule an appointment)
  2. An Acorns representative will call you back to walk through the next steps.
  3. We'll help connect you to your bank's representative, at which point you will provide your bank with the information they need to authenticate your account. Then, you can give your Acorns representative permission to negotiate a refund of your bank fees on your behalf.

If we successfully negotiate a refund, your bank will normally credit those fees to your bank account. Following the call, we'd appreciate the opportunity to hear your feedback to understand if this is a service you found valuable and worth expanding to more customers in the future. Feel free to reach out with any questions!"

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to respond to the email that you received or reach out to our Support team.


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