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With the launch of iOS 14, customers must have the following settings enabled for Acorns Earn to successfully track purchases. If these are not enabled, then it is possible that you will not receive your Earn reward and we will not be able to retroactively apply an Earn reward credit even if you submit it for review.

If using iOS please ensure the following is enabled:

  1. On iOS Settings > Privacy > Tracking > Enable "Allow Apps to Request to Track." This page will also list certain apps, so if you see an app that is related to Acorns Earn, you would want that app to also be allowed to track (For example Uber, would also have to be enabled for tracking).

  2. If using Safari on iOS: Settings > Safari > Disable all content blocker features like "Prevent Cross-Site Tracking" and "Block All Cookies."

  3. If using a desktop/laptop, all adblockers should be disabled.

For detailed information on iOS 15 and the Acorns Earn Safari Extension, please visit this link: 

Tip: If you have to take any of these steps, we recommend that you restart your shopping session through Acorns to ensure all changes have been accounted for.

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