What ETFs are in the ESG portfolios?

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Acorns offers four different ESG portfolios that you can choose from. Each portfolio is made up of exchange-traded funds, or ETFs for short.

The goal of each ETF in the ESG portfolio is to meet the Environmental, Social, or Governance criteria. The ETFs included may not meet all three criteria. Some will have a higher focus on Morgan Stanley Corporate International (MSCI) ESG ratings than other companies. 

Below is a list of the ETFs currently included in our ESG portfolios, along with their prospectuses. Note that these ETFs may change over time:

  1. Large Company Stocks - ESGU
  2. Medium Company Stocks - SUSA
  3. Small Company Stocks - ESML
  4. International Company Stocks - ESGD
  5. Emerging Market Stocks - ESGE
  6. Short-Term Corporate Bonds - SUSB
  7. Long-Term Corporate Bond - SUSC
  8. Short-Term Treasury Bonds - SHY
  9. Long Term Treasury Bonds - GOVT
  10. US Mortgage Backed Bonds - MBB
  11. US Aggregate Bonds - EAGG

Depending on your portfolio, your investments may not include some of these ETFs. To see which ETFs each portfolio includes, visit acorns.com/invest or the portfolio screen from the Acorns app. Note: ESG portfolios are not available if you are in the Conservative portfolio.

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