How do I set up Two-Factor Authentication for email only?

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You can always set up Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) with a verified email address. Please note, we only require one piece of verified contact info to set up 2FA.

Here's how to update the email address linked to Two-Factor Authentication:

  1. After logging in to your account, select the profile icon in the corner of the screen

  2. Select "Settings" or "Profile & Settings", then select "Personal Info"

  3. Under Contact Info, you will see your email address

  4. Select the unverified alert next to your email and confirm it is correct 

  5. You will then be prompted to select the "Next" button to enter the verification process

  6. 2FA will send a 6-digit code to your email address. Once you receive the code, input it into the alert in-app

  7. Two-Factor Authentication verification is now complete for email! The alert next to contact info should now be verified

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