Why am I seeing duplicate Round-Ups®?

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Some financial institutions may change the transaction name for some of your purchases after the transaction has settled. For example, you make a purchase and you have a "Pending Debit" transaction that results in a $0.50 Round-Up. We will capture that transaction and use it for your Round-Ups® Investments.


Once the "Pending" debit transaction settles (oftentimes a day or two later), your financial institution may change the title name for the purchase to "Debit Transaction," ultimately creating another Round-Up on your account. This is solely dependent upon how a financial institution relays data, so we do not have control over this.


If you prefer avoiding instances of duplicate Round-Ups®, you can unlink your card for Round-Ups® or turn off tracking for that card account. Alternatively, you can set a Recurring Investment that would mirror your spending on that card week-over-week or month-over-month, whatever is most suitable for you.




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