What's the difference between Automatic Round-Ups® and Manual Round-Ups®?

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Automatic Round-Ups®

Once you link an account to your Acorns account, Acorns will round-up each transaction to the nearest dollar for each active Round-Ups® account. Once the Round-Ups® calculation accrues to $5 or more, Acorns will automatically initiate the investment into your Account from your primary checking account. 

To turn Automatic Round-ups® on/off, please complete the following steps:

For Mobile:

  1. After logging in to your account, tap "Invest"
  2. Tap "Round-Ups® Settings"
  3. Toggle 'Set to automatic' and tap "Save"

For Web:

  1. After logging in to your account, click on "Invest"
  2. Click on "Round-Ups® Settings"
  3. Toggle "Set to automatic" and click "Confirm" or "Turn off automatic"

Manual Round-Ups®

You have the option to manage your Round-Ups® manually which gives you control over which spare change amounts you’d like to invest. Please note: the manual Round-Ups® will not be invested until at least $5 is selected.


To manage Round-Ups® manually, you will need to turn your automatic Round-Ups® OFF.


Once Round-Ups® begin generating, you will need to select which transactions you would like to invest. Please click here for additional steps on this process!

Please note that if you do not maintain enough funds in your primary checking account to sufficiently cover your Round-Ups® investments, you could incur overdraft fees with your financial institution.

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