Can I invest in specific companies?

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We do not offer the ability to invest in specific companies.

Acorns offers our customers the opportunity to begin investing into a managed portfolio. This means that Acorns will choose your investments and allocate your funds to those investments based on the risk level of the portfolio.

Our customers can choose which diverse portfolio they would like to invest in based on their financial goals. Our portfolios are made up of various ETFs that have over 7,000 different companies.  

Although you cannot choose your own investments, you can choose a more or less aggressive portfolio than our recommendation and you're free to change it at any time!

Please be aware that changing portfolios will result in Acorns selling the ETFs in your current portfolio and purchasing the ETFs for your new portfolio selection. This will cause a taxable event and you should consider how that will impact your personal tax circumstances.

You can also watch this informational YouTube video here to see what you’re investing in with your Acorns portfolio.

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