Can I invest in specific companies?

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Acorns customers have the ability to select a portfolio theme and risk level.  We also provide account features that offer the opportunity to allocate a portion of your portfolio to Custom Portfolio and/or add a Bitcoin-Linked ETF.

Acorns will recommend one of our managed portfolios based on your investor profile.  You will have access to one of nine Acorns investment portfolios including, 5 Core and 4 ESG portfolios managed by Acorns.  Although you cannot choose the investments in our managed portfolios, you have the ability to select a more/less aggressive portfolio than our recommendation. (For more information, click here.

Please be aware that changing portfolios will result in Acorns selling the ETFs in your current portfolio and purchasing the ETFs for your new portfolio selection. This will cause a taxable event and you should consider how that will impact your personal tax circumstances.

You can see a full list of ETFs/stocks to choose from here.

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