Can I open an Early account if I am in the Armed Services?

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Yes, you can open an Early account if you're in the armed services. 

For now, it may just require one additional step. Early accounts must be associated with an eligible U.S. state or territory so that you can determine the legal age of transfer. This is the age the child must be for the account to be transferable to them. 

If you're in the armed services and don't have a state or territory attached to your Acorns profile, you'll need to update that information in your Settings. Add an address that makes the most sense for you and your family before you open the Early account.

Then, when you open the Early account, we'll note that information as the “place of residence” to determine the child’s age of transfer.

To make it simpler, we're adding a step for members of the armed services during Early registration. This step will let you choose an eligible place of residence. 

Thank you for your patience, and your service.

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