How do I reopen an Acorns Checking account?

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If you're trying to reopen an Acorns Checking account, check to see if you’ve received an email or app notification from us that this has been enabled for you. If you have gotten a notification, here's how to sign up for Acorns Checking again:

  1. Log in to your account from your Acorns app or
  2. Tap or click "Checking"
  3. Tap or click the blue "Reopen" button
  4. Follow the prompts to sign up

If you haven't received a notification that this is available to you, and there isn't a "Reopen" button under "Checking" in your account, you may be ineligible to reopen your Acorns Checking account as a result of prior account activity that violated the Acorns Program Agreement.

If you have trouble reopening your account, feel free to contact us.

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