What’s included with Acorns Early?

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With Acorns Early, you can start investing for the future of your loved ones. Our UTMA / UGMA investment account for kids features custom Earn rewards and education for families.

Custodial brokerage accounts work a lot like accounts you use to invest for yourself. You can choose to pick your own investments at a traditional brokerage or use precrafted diversified mixes, like those in Acorns’ portfolios.

In addition to an investment account for the children in your life, Acorns provides access to the following features and accounts at the Premium tier:

  • Invest
  • Later
  • Checking
  • Premium Education
  • Emergency Fund
  • Earn Rewards Match (eligible for an extra 25% match on bonus investments you earn up to $200.)
  • Benefits Hub
  • Custom Portfolio
  • Early
  • Earn Rewards Match (eligible for an extra 50% match on bonus investments you earn up to $200.)

Here’s how you can learn more about Investing for your loved ones.

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