What is Paycheck split?

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What is Paycheck split?

Paycheck split is a feature of Acorns Checking that automatically allocates a portion of your direct deposit into Invest, Later, Early, or a combination of all three, to help you invest your money as soon as you get it. Like most of what we do, Paycheck split is meant to make it easy and automatic to save! 

Paycheck split only works for direct deposits received in Acorns Checking. You can get started by moving your direct deposit over to Acorns Checking. You can do that by using this link. We’ll keep an eye out for your paycheck and let you know when it arrives.

Once your direct deposit arrives, you’ll be prompted to choose how much of each paycheck to distribute to each of your accounts. You can change your settings at any time.

That’s it! Once you’re set-up, anytime a paycheck from that employer arrives, Acorns will automatically save a percentage and distribute it across your Acorns accounts. 



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