What are the benefits of the Mighty Oak Card?

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Benefits included are:

  • The Acorns Mighty Oak debit card is banking that saves and invests for you. All Mighty Oak card customers will also get Invest and a retirement account, in addition to the Acorns checking account that accompanies their Mighty Oak card. 
  • The Mighty Oak card helps you grow your money by taking advantage of two of the mightiest APYs available today. Our 3.00% Checking APY and 5.00% Emergency Fund APY are both over 6x the national savings account APY average.
  • Mighty Oak card customers can invest with Real-Time RoundUps® which invests your spare change each time you use your card, and you can even invest a piece of your paycheck automatically with direct deposit. 
  • The Mighty Oak debit card also features a premium look and feel. The card is finished in a matte black and made from tungsten heavy metal. Each card is laser engraved with each customer's personalized signature. 
  • The Mighty Oak card has no minimum balance, no hidden fees, and gives customers access to over 55,000 fee-free ATM’s. 
  • In order to help customers build a habit of investing more consistently, Acorns will match your  first 7 automatic Real-Time Round-Ups®
  • Customers who set up a direct deposit of at least $250 per calendar month within 45 days of signing up for the Might Oak Card will receive a subscription fee waiver for as long as they have their direct deposit set up. 

See the complete terms and conditions for the Mighty Oak debit card program at acorns.com/mighty-oak-terms-and-conditions/.


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