What is Dwayne Johnson's involvement with Acorns and the Mighty Oak Card?

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Dwayne Johnson is proud to partner with Acorns on the release of the Acorns Mighty Oak debit card, a new way of banking that saves and invests for you. 

Johnson knows firsthand the impact of saving over time. When he was cut from the Canadian Football League and left jobless in his early 20s, he had only $7 to his name. At that moment, Johnson decided to chart his own course in life. Committed to helping others lift themselves out of the toughest of times, Johnson is a champion of financial literacy and hopes to inspire Americans to shape their future by investing in themselves.

“I am personally invested in helping people achieve financial stability and success,” said Johnson. “I’ve worked with Acorns to help create a card that makes it easy for people to prioritize saving and investing to build a solid foundation for their future. I’ve been there, and know what it’s like to count every dollar and save every last cent possible to provide for my family and myself. I wish I had the Mighty Oak Card back when I had only $7 in my pocket, which is why I helped create this card now to empower people to take control of their financial well-being. One step at a time.”

Paid advertisement. Dwayne Johnson and his creative agency receive substantial compensation from Acorns and its affiliates to promote Acorns, which creates a conflict of interest that can be expected to bias his views. Additional important disclosures at acorns.com/mightyoakcard.

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