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To support our new customer’s experience, we will be holding live onboarding sessions monthly for anyone that joined Acorns in the 6 weeks prior to each event date. These sessions will walk through common onboarding questions and introduce them to some of the key ways that Acorns can help them invest in their futures. 

Topics covered will include:

  • Setting up your Acorns account (including bank linking)
  • Setting up the Round-Ups® feature
  • Setting up Recurring & One-time investments
  • An introduction to Acorns’ portfolios
  • If time allows, an introduction to Acorns’ bitcoin-linked ETF

Each session will be approximately 45 minutes long:

  • 30 minutes of scripted product walkthrough:
  • 15 minutes of Q&A, hosted by the webinar host and drawing on questions submitted throughout. 

Premium Tier subscribers will also receive a quarterly market report that will offer audiences a more in-depth view of the markets and economic climate. The day after each quarterly report is emailed out (the 2nd Wednesday of every quarter), we will hold a 30-minute webinar session to discuss the contents of the newsletter that was sent out the day prior. Each event will be approximately 30 minutes long: 10-15 minutes of discussion/reviewing slides and 15-20 minutes for audience Q&A.

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